Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last photos of 2009

Teeny weeny broccoli heads are starting to appear on the Packman broccoli plants.
Packman broccoli
Alas, no signs of Snowball cauliflower or Brussels sprouts yet.

I picked the first Easter Egg II radish today. I wonder if it would have rounded out if I'd left it in the ground for another few days.
Easter egg II radish
It was sweet and crisp, with a mild peppery bite. I immediately planted more.

The Detroit Dark Red beets are coming along. I thinned them out significantly a few days ago, and saved the thinned seedlings for salad.
Detroit dark red beets
I have to be careful and not plant too many. I suspect Jack will eat nary a one.

I was happy to see a few sprigs of Greek oregano survived. It's lovely in Greek salad dressing and on pizza. I thought I'd lost all of it in the freeze. It should spread in the spring and summer.
Oregano (greek?)

That's it for 2009. Looking forward to more gardening adventures in 2010!

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  1. From one Austin Gardner, to another, Happy New Year!