Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grow your own...cigarettes?

Sales of tobacco seeds are booming, and it's not about the flowers. There's a story on Current today about how some smokers, fed up with taxes and the rising cost of cigarettes, are growing their own tobacco in ever-larger numbers. Read all about it here. The article quotes a price of $5 a pack for cigarettes. A smoking friend of mine says she pays $7 for a pack of organic, chemical-free American Spirit cigarettes. At those prices, I can see where a smoker would be tempted to turn their backyard into a miniature tobacco plantation...not to mention the heady scent of those glorious flowers.


  1. Interesting, how people react to changes. Rising cost of tobacco bring them to gardening.... cheers, ~bangchik

  2. My Grandparents in Tennesee grew tobacco as one of their crops. Like you said the blooms smell wonderful but the smell of tobacco curing in the large sheds was heavenly as well. I don't think the people that are wanting to grow it realize what a pain in the posterior it is to go from plant to smoke.