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Year-end update: Fall/Winter 2022/2023

Remember that time I wrote a New Year's post with my blogging intentions ? Back then, I was going to post once a month. Alas, that didn't happen. I threw up a quick blog post last March , just before the cut-off to qualify to attend The Fling , which basically said, "Hey! I'm still here, still gardening, slow going - more soon!" Turns out, that was the last time I posted. Now I'm thinking a good goal might be to blog once a season. Spring, summer, winter, fall - four times a year. Sure, I might blog more often if I get inspired, which, to be honest, is a tough ask these days. One big factor in my lack of inspiration is this crazy Texas weather, which was crazy enough already, thanks very much, but thanks to climate change, just keeps getting more and more extreme. Two months of 100+ temps with zero rain this past summer was a new one for me; just like a full week below freezing was a new one for me in February 2021. St. Augustinegrass lawn in May 2022. Never

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