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Impeccable timing

Naturally, the year Austin experiences the most extreme winter weather in decades , with historic lows and blizzard conditions, is the year I install a brand new new garden and take the torn film off the greenhouse! The local meteorologists are predicting lows of around 9 tonight and 6 tomorrow night, which means we're gonna lose a lot of plants. Here's my new front yard plant list - let's see what might survive more than 96 hours of sub-freezing temperatures, and what is certain to perish. Looks like the Mexican honeysuckle, Tradescantia , and holly fern are most at risk, but the rest should survive, although I fully expect the tops to freeze off several of the cold-hardy plants, and the flowering ones probably won't flower this year. I'm hopeful that most will come back from the roots, though. "Fingers crossed' they are established enough. They've had lots of TLC since installation and I've seen plenty of new growth. I expect to lose some. I don&#

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