Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: April 2012

It's mid-spring in Central Texas, the drought has lessened, the temperatures are warming, and the gardens have exploded with life. Everything is green and blooming.

'Whale's Tongue' agave and wildflowers

'Bright Edge' yucca and flowers

Patriotic trio

Milkweed with monarch caterpillars


'Whale's Tongue" agave, grasses & flowers

Pink gaura

Globe mallow, salvia, 'Ruby Crystals' grass & larkspur

'Velvet Violet" salvia and blackfoot daisies

'Velvet Violet' salvia, 'Ruby Crystals' grass, bumblebee

Gopher plant

'The Fairy' rose

'Wedding Blush' sweet peas

Rogue poppy


Spring flowers

Gulf Coast penstemon

'Blue Curls' wildflower

Bee intoxicated on pink evening primrose pollen

'Buff Beauty' rose

'Dame du Coeur' rose

'Dame du Coeur' rose

Dwarf pomegranate


Bearss lime

Happiest of Bloom Days to you! Visit Carol's GBBD page at May Dreams Gardens to discover gardens in bloom around the world.

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