Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Tax Day - I mean Bloom Day

Sunday started out like this, on my back patio,
Taxes, boo

and ended like this, on the East Austin Urban Farm Tour.
springdale farm
Springdale Farm

boggy creek farm
Boggy Creek Farm

In between, I caught these pretties blooming in my garden.  It's warming up (high of 87 on Sunday!) after a cool, damp spring, and the tropicals are starting to take off.



sapphire showers duranta

The early-blooming roses are past their peak while the late bloomers have yet to get going.
'Old Blush' rose
'Old Blush'

buff beauty
'Buff Beauty'


Native wildflowers are in full swing -


pink evening primrose
Pink evening primrose

Zexmenia (non-native gopher plant in the foreground)

- as well as some not-so-wildflowers.  Somehow, the birds and squirrels have managed to cultivate sunflowers in the shade.  Come to think of it - that's pretty wild!

shady sunflowers
Shady sunflowers

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day from Austin, Texas!  Visit May Dreams Gardens to see what's springing up in gardens all over the world.

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