Sunday, December 28, 2014

Portland Garden Bloggers Fling - Day 2

We started our day in Portland's peaceful Japanese Garden.
one of many ponds in the Natural Garden

Covered gate to Zig Zag Bridge and Lower Pond

Upper Pond

Next, we headed off on foot to the International Rose Test Garden next door, where we ate a sack lunch and listened to a presentation from Corona Tools. I lost track of time and raced through the garden after lunch, breathlessly boarding the bus just before departure. Sheryl of Yard Fanatic ran the gauntlet with me; now a part of the Austin, Texas contingent, Sheryl used to live in Portland and knew all the secret spaces of this garden.
Frank E Beach Sculpture

gold medal garden

Shakespeare Garden

The first stop on our afternoon tour of three private gardens was Tamara's Chickadee Gardens, a/k/a Casa de los Tres Gatos, chock-full of jewel tones, succulents and living roofs.
casa de los tres gatos

chickadee gardens

green roof

We next toured the garden of JJ de Sousa, interior & garden designer and proprietress of digs inside & out.
front garden

little door


Loree's aptly named Danger Garden was next.
yucca garden



We ended Day 2 at McMenamin's Kennedy School, a former elementary school transformed into a restaurant, theater and hotel.
Kennedy Elementary School

ferns and other fauna

Kennedy School side garden

Thanks to Loree Bohl of Danger Garden, Scott Weber of Rhone Street Gardens, Jane Howell-Finch at MulchMaid, Ann Amato-Zorich at Amateur Bot-ann-ist and Heather Tucker of Just a Girl with a Hammer for putting together a wonderful second day and a marvelous Fling.

Next up - a recap of the last day of the Fling, where I and 80 garden bloggers from the U.S., U.K., Spain and Canada tour five gorgeous private gardens (two next door to each other) then say farewell to Portland and each other at the magical Bella Madrona.

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