Saturday, February 25, 2017

Couldn't help it

I was going to skip planting veggies this spring, but I forgot I have this absurdly insatiable need to grow stuff. Plus, I have a big box of seeds left over from last year that are still good.

So I planted bush beans in the bare spots around the spinach and carrots where the fall lettuce never came up.
Spring veggie garden

I planted chard seedlings in the bare spots between the carrots and multiplying onions, where the fall chard got zapped by the December freeze.
Spring veggie garden

I planted tomato seedlings and cucumber seeds in the bare spots where the fall broccoli faded too early in our warm winter.
Spring veggie garden

I rejuvenated the cinder block herb garden with new herb seedlings.
Spring veggie garden

Then I watered everything in with rainwater from the rain barrel. Done!

What are you planting this spring that you hadn't planned on? Leave a comment and let me know.

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