Sunday, June 17, 2012

This week in the garden

Compared to last year, the weather in Central Texas has been cooler and wetter. As we approach summer's official start on June 20, temps are in the mid-to-upper 90s, with only one day above 100 so far, and 17 inches of rain for the year. The meteorologists are predicting rain again this week, hooray -- with the best chance (40%) on Wednesday. (Last year, we'd had ten 100-plus days by this point, and only 8 inches of rain for the year.)

This week in the vegetable garden, I spotted several good-sized tomatoes (finally!), but they aren't turning red. I did plant three green tomatoes this year ('Green Zebra', 'Cherokee Green', 'Aunt Ruby's German Green') but they are as hard as rocks.
green tomatoes
This is unusual for my Austin garden, where normally the tomatoes would be ready for harvest by May. I planted a lot of varieties I haven't tried before, and perhaps these varieties mature later, or simply aren't the best choices for Central Texas. But even the reliable 'Juliet and 'Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are still green, so I'm suspecting a cultural issue.

So far the bugs have left the tomatoes alone, but I did find this single tomato hornworm on one plant. I plucked off the leaf it was nibbling on, shot this photo, then tossed it under the red oak for the birds to snack on.
tomato hornworm

In the Three Sisters garden bed, I have one -- count 'em -- one 'Country Gentleman' corn stalk that is producing a single small ear. I've harvested about half a pound of 'Trionfo Violetto' green beans, but not a single 'Scarlet Runner' bean. The 'Tatume' squash is still producing a few squash, but the vines are winding down.
three sisters

The Persian lime tree is hanging on to about 4 dozen fruits. Jack checks on them every day and thinks they aren't getting any bigger. I reminded him our last good harvest (two years ago) took place in August, so the fruit needs more time to grow. (Patience isn't our strong suit.)

In the flower garden, my baby hedgehog cactus has been blooming for two or three weeks. The flowers only last a day.
hedgehog cactus

The flame acanthus is in full bloom and is irresistible to bumblebees and hummingbirds.
flame acanthus

Are you ready for summer? Because here we go!

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