Slow progress

Making very slow progress on the garden.  Currently on a search for a bunch of oakleaf hydrangea to plant along the front border of the house. Took a look at Barton Springs Nursery last night before Pam Penick's Garden Spark event tonight, but didn't see any - will keep looking.  They take a couple of years to become fully established, but once they're settled, they require no pruning and little care other than an application of iron to keep them from going chlorotic in our highly alkaline soils.

'Ellen Huff' oakleaf hydrangea

The first bulbs to emerge in the front yard are these darling Tulip clusiana from Southern Bulb Co. The sedge is Carex perdentata, which desperately needs a trim. I see lots of daffodil and narcissus poking up, so flowers should flower shortly!

Tulip clusiana 'Lady Jane'

The reoriented and refurbished veggie garden is near completion: four new beds, 4' wide by 7' long. I re-used my old Corten steel corners and purchased new cedar 2 x 4s to replace the few boards that had been chewed on by carpenter ants.

I just took the frost cloth off a couple of days ago and the garlic, fennel and leafy greens look great, but the pak choy has bolted. Just need to fill that second bed up with garden soil and I'll be ready to plant tomatoes and other summer veggies!

I also need to mulch around the beds to keep weeds down.  What are you working on to get ready for spring?


  1. Ooooh, very pretty! That tulip is special...I just checked, and it looks like it tolerates zones 3-7. I'll have to check into it! Tomatoes and summer veggies...yay for you! :)


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