Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foliage Follow-Up: January 2010

Greetings! Here's an assortment of random foliage shots from my winter garden.

A lone dwarf pomegranate fruit, frozen and dried on the tree.

A Texas red oak, stubbornly holding on to all its bottom leaves. The top leaves fell off during the recent rain.

"Red Carpet" sedum, nestled close to the stones outlining the front stone path. The largest rosette is no bigger than a dime.

Unidentified sedum (probably S. hispanicum) and elfin thyme, both even tinier than the "Red Carpet" sedum above.

Bare stems of "Indigo Spires" salvia. The green leaves near the base of the plant give me hope it will return in the spring.

Thanks to Pam at the ultimate Austin garden blog, "Digging", for hosting Foliage Follow-Up, on the 16th of every month, the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Click on the link to take a peek at the fantastic colors of her “Sticks on Fire” euphorbia and purple “Santa Rita” prickly pear.


  1. I love all your reds and oranges, esp. that cute 'Red Carpet' sedum. Your images are gorgeous. Thanks for participating in Foliage Follow-Up, Caroline!

  2. Caroline,
    To a northern gardener your garden appears to be frozen in time, as the colorful leaves of the oak and sedum take me back to images of fall. :)

  3. Your frozen pomegranate looks like a little bronze Christmas ornament!

  4. It's true--with all the reds and oranges, it does look like fall around here!

    That brilliant red sedum was clearly labeled "Red Carpet" sedum at the point of purchase, but the more I read about red sedums, the more I wonder if it's not truly a "Fuldaglut". Even the little rosettes look more Fuldaglutish than Red Carpetish. Sigh. Seems nothing's properly labeled in nurseries these days.

  5. I think the unidentified sedum is Sedum album. (Does it get tiny white flowers?)

  6. MSS, it's never flowered. But I haven't had it a full year yet.