Friday, November 19, 2010

No freeze here

Good thing too, because by the time I got home and ate dinner, it was too late and too dark to do anything about it if it had.
Didn't Freeze

Message to NOAA and Austin's chief meteorologists: issuing a freeze warning with a prediction of low overnight temperatures "between 28°F and 39°F" is not very helpful. (p.s. 33°F-38°F is not freezing.) I know you have a tough job predicting the unpredictable, but next time, could you try to narrow it down a bit for us?

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  1. We got it up here in Round Rock. We woke to 30 degree temps, and frost on the rooftops and grass. My Zinnias are toast. :-( Ah well, it had to happen sometime. This time of year, there is a marked difference in temperatures between north and south Austin.