Monday, September 10, 2012

Autumn really is coming...

...and I have the proof!

59 degrees in Central Texas!

I just ran around the house and threw all the windows and doors open! Now I'm thinking about making vegetable soup and wondering if my sweaters need laundering.

What's got you thinking about fall this morning?

Words and photos © 2009-2012 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. I turned off the ceiling fan and opened a window! Fall is so close and I am ready.

  2. Looks like 59.5, which would be 60:-)

    Seriously, good for you, I was 57F for a few minutes, and Sept-Oct here are heaven. Being a guy, every window and door is open, ceiling fans on high, soaking up the cool. Thinking of being outside in the garden, but sweaters hopefully a way off.

  3. Yes...This. Is. Great!
    I'm so ready for fall. And, this summer isn't even half as bad as last year.

  4. I know! it's nice, right? But the dumb cooling weather makes me want to bake (specifically apple pie), make winter-ish foods (like chicken and dumplings or chicken pot pie), and sew (good thing, too - I've got three stuffed animals to make for coworkers).

  5. I hear ya! Tallahassee was 70 degrees this morning. I also had the door open and enjoying the cool breeze. We are in the same hardiness zone so I look forward to following you.

  6. Yep, here in Atlanta, GA, we're having a cool snap, favorite time of year. I'm just glad to know it ever cools off in Austin...sometimes I have to worry about you guys in all that heat!

  7. Isn't it about a month early?? I'm loving this weather and feel we are getting a serious break on what is typically hot Sept. weather.