Sunday, October 28, 2012

A posy for a friend

This is a little posy I put together for a friend's memorial celebration a few weeks ago, with flowers from my garden.
posy with ribbon

She was a Master Gardener (among many other things) and all the flowers at the memorial were brought in from her friends' gardens.

It was really something to see - the wide variety of bouquets with flowers and foliage of all shapes, sizes and colors, each arranged with love and remembrance - much more personal than something from the florist.

It was a fitting tribute to a very special woman that touched many lives and hearts through her grace under pressure, her wonderful sense of humor, her commitment to equality and social justice, and her many passions: gardening, skiing, travel, photography, politics.

Almost any flower will work as a cut flower, with perhaps the exception of a Mutabilis rose or a Mexican petunia.  Herbs and evergreens work, too.  I tucked in a few sprigs of boxwood, but I'd wish I'd added a few herbs.

Arranging flowers is a nice way to remember a friend.  Too many friends lost this year...

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