Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring harvest and garden friends

"New" potatoes, "old" spinach - all so good!
spring harvest

(How do you like my makeshift spring cornucopia cobbled together from a cobalt blue plastic mixing bowl, a Fiestaware rice bowl, and a tea towel?)

Sure, there's a few holes and yellow spots in the spinach, but it tastes so fresh and sweet, and once it's sautéed up with garlic, no one will see the holes.

Yesterday, I found this little guy, licking dew off chard leaves and eating bugs.  Keep up the good work, little buddy!  I'll be sure to wash off the lizard spit.

Words and photos © 2009-2014 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to use up the hole-y spinach! Once its chopped and mixed with the leaf lettuce and one will ever notice.
    Nice to see the little lizard eating up the bugs.

  2. I inadvertently picked up a stowaway lizard the other day out in the garden. He rode around on my back and shoulders for a good while. I finally removed him to a safe area. I thought he might jump off while I was near the chickens who were out foraging. A lizard would be tasty eating for a chicken and we can't have that. They do too much good work in the garden.

  3. Love your cornucopia.
    And, love these good-guy anoles. Eat those bugs!

  4. What a great harvest. Never got my spinach going. But I do have potatoes almost ready. They’re still pretty small but I can’t wait to taste them.

  5. My goodness. Who worries about holes. You should see what I cook up sometimes. There Isn't it amazing that sitting here in my B&B I can check out all those wonderful gardens I missed last week. And yet again I missed Tate Morings garden. Will I ever get to see it I wonder? Is that a pittosporum tree? may even be the odd tasty bug in there. Your spinach looks perfect yo my eyes.

  6. What's with your new picture? You look so serious and neat. I want to see a dirty woman, yeah, a gardener woman.

    1. You're right, Bob. I'm going out to dig up potatoes - I'll get my husband to take a few dirty gardener woman pics!