Monday, September 7, 2009

Antsy for fall

I’m feeling antsy. I've been to two seminars on fall gardening, I've purchased my seeds, I want to plant my fall garden and I wanna do it NOW! [stomping feet and whining]
But it’s still a bit too soon (mid to late September is ideal), and the seven (seven!) raised beds I’ve commissioned have yet to be built. (The Head Carpenter assures me he can do it in an afternoon). Plus, we’re going out of town, so I dare not start even start seedlings or even move plants to different locations, lest I return to neglected, wilting plants.

So instead, I am wandering around my yard, taking pictures of ants. These little ant hills popped up after our last rain, along with hundreds of horseherb seedlings.

They are not fire ants--they do not make huge hills and they do not swarm. Judging from their size, color, behavior and mound shape, I think they are pyramid ants. They are very gentle. And they are everywhere.

I dare not kill these kindly, industrious ants, lest more evil species take their place. Instead, I let them be. I laid in the dirt under a Texas Red Oak tree for about half an hour, watching them work.

I also spotted some acorns that had fallen from the oak tree. Oh, but the squirrels are going to be soo happy about this turn of events.

Cooler temperatures, rain, and acorns -- all signs that fall is coming!

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