Friday, January 1, 2010

It's official: it's not a Whale's Tongue agave

Whale's Tongue agaves don't make pups.
Agave pup
I like the agave, but it's not what I thought I was buying. I wonder what type of agave it is. I hope it doesn't get ginormous...


  1. Did you buy it at BSN? I can't remember if we already talked about their new batch of seed-grown agaves they're selling as A. ovatifolia, but they're all making pups. Seems strange indeed.

  2. Yes, at the same time Jenny (Rock Rose) bought hers. She told me her agave was making pups a few months back. Wondering if this is the German site that sold BSN the seeds, and who else is buying from them (Plant Delights? San Marcos Growers?)

  3. Looks a bit like agave "Mr. Ripple" with the wavy leaves and all;

  4. I did get in touch with the German co. from whom BSN bought their seeds. They didn't think it looked like Ao, however were adamant in that they stand by their seeds. Currently BSN is growing the plants from tissue culture but they are too small for the nursery. They offered me one and rebate on the price but I didn't want something 2"wide and chose to stick with what I have. It made 2 pups but they are failing to develop well so I am still hoping I have the right plant. A year after planting it is starting to look a little more like Ao. Fingers crossed.