Friday, April 24, 2009

Little twigs in the front yard

I promised to post some pictures of the little starter plants in the front yard. I planted 30 plants, but they look so puny right now. I know they'll get huge soon, but I'm impatient!

The stones around the edge of the yard came from craigslist. The stones lining the pathway came from the Austin Memorial Park Cemetery on Hancock Drive. I can't decide if the cemetery stones are too yellow or not. I like the color, but it's quite different from the stone work on the house. What do you think?

East side twigs:

West side twigs:

I may move the yellower stones to the backyard and get stones that are not as yellow. I haven't decided yet.


I really like the Whale's Tongue agave. The center leaves look like some sort of prehistoric baby bird, mouth open waiting for mommy to bring it a worm. It got a little banged up in the planting process.

I love how Mexican feather grass looks when the sunlight hits it.

The plants look more impressive close up. This is Blue Daze.


The four-nerve daisy is already blooming. It had buds but none was open when I planted it.

Sorry for no post yesterday--I really wanted to post daily for two weeks, but work got in the way. Oh well.


  1. Very nice! I like the cemetery stones a lot. It creates visual interest and keeps it from being too matchy-matchy. Plus it's pretty goth to have cemetery stones in your garden.

  2. Jack basically said the same thing. And hey, they were free! I need to go get more, to edge the backyard beds.

  3. HI, Caroline,
    Can you get the stones for free at the cemetery?

  4. Yes! It's the cemetery at Hancock and Mopac. Stay to the right as you drive in and you'll soon see piles and piles and piles of rocks, free for the taking. I learned about it on the Austin Permaculture forum. I've also seen the same stones on other Austin-area blogs, but I can't remember which ones now...