Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring flowers - an explosion of color.

White freesia.

Pink hollyhocks.
pink hollyhocks

Purple columbine.

Yellow violets.
yellow viola

Pink snapdragons.
pink snapdragons

Black raspberry bud. (Hey--green's a color!)
black raspberry bud

These photos were taken on April 8, 2009. More tomorrow!


  1. Hollyhocks oh yeah!!! Enjoyed your garden.

  2. Thanks Randy! I have never, ever, EVER grown hollyhocks before. They are so cool! The pictures don't truly capture their statuesque beauty. I will keep trying...

  3. Wow, it's news to me that one could grow freesia here. Assumed it was a north-climate plant. Kudos! Thanks for stopping by Caroline. I'm v. impressed with your front yard plan!

  4. Libby, not only can freesia grow here, but mine naturalized. I planted these bulbs the autumn before my wedding (that would have been October or November 2006). They've come up three springs in a row and are more numerous each year. I would have never guessed!