Friday, April 17, 2009

best to just jump in

I've been working on getting this blog up and running for two weeks now and I have yet to post anything. Not that I haven't been thinking about posting; I have been, for about oh, two weeks. There's a lot going on here, garden-wise, that I could post about, but seems I'm sort of hung up on My First Garden Blog Post. Ooh, first blog, first post, it's so momentous, I better have something witty or profound or inspirational to say.

Or not.

I mean, it's been two weeks since Susie and I decided (challenged? dared? how did it go down, anyway?) we should each start a garden blog. And even though I've been working on this silly thing for two weeks now and haven't posted anything, I think I'm still going to beat her to the chase (giggle).

So enough already. My first post is:

Somebody's Been Eating My Zucchini!
Well, the outside, anyway. I prefer my zucchini unpeeled (and fully grown, thank you), so I went out to see if I could catch something in the act, even though it was completely dark. (That's how I caught the possum eating my seedlings a few weeks ago.) The autofocus didn't want to work, so eventually I gave up and went back inside.

Most of the photos were too blurry to see anything, but this one was clear enough:
Do you see it? It's a snail! Easily remedied with some beer traps, or the Rabbit Hill diatomaceous earth in the shed (once the soil dries out). The netting purchase can wait.

Oh, and it rained today! Hooray! I was so excited, I went outside and took a picture of it. Hey, we're having an Exceptional Drought here in Travis County. A good gullywasher is worth blogging about.


  1. Stupid snails.

    Have you used netting to keep the squash vine borers away? The woman at Natural Gardener warned us that they're a huge problem and to use netting.

  2. This is the first year I've tried vegetable gardening with any seriousness, so I've never had to resort to netting. But between the snails, the possums and now the squash vine borers, I guess I best get some now before it's too late!

  3. Welcome to Austin Garden Blogging. There are quite a few of us. If you send an email to Pam at Digging she'll make sure everyone finds your site.

    The squash-vine borers took out my pumpkins last year, but so far I haven't seen them on my summer squash. I'm crossing my fingers! Good luck with your veggies.


  4. Thanks for the tip and the well wishes, Laura!