Saturday, April 25, 2009

How do you irrigate your garden?

I'd like to know. I've had terrible luck with soaker hoses. I always seem to get the wrong size (too long or too short) and they tend to spring leaks creating large unwanted fountains. I've been looking into drip irrigation systems, but there are sooo many options. Let me know if you have a system you like.

I've never grown lettuce before, but I have enough baby romaine and mesclun mix to actually make salads.8298

Look at last night's salads! Whoo hoo!
Jack joked that we should save a whopping $5 a year on lettuce purchases, but then admitted there's no fresher salad on earth than the one you harvest 10 minutes before you eat it. And it's organic, too!


  1. Ooo! I'm impressed. I'm going to do lettuce in the fall. But if you can do it now, I don't see why I can't either!

    We use the soaker hoses, covered by landscape fabric, for the tomato and pepper garden, and I hand-water everything else. Eventually that's going to become too cumbersome as I add beds and garden bones in our huge yard. A real irrigation system would be so nice, but expensive.

  2. Hi caroline..., Drip irrigation is definitely cost saving... I have not tried it yet... somehow i love watering plants the old way..., I dont know, but watering plants is really relaxing and bring about soothing physicological effect... cheers ... ~ Bangchik at blotanical.

  3. Susie, if you're considering lettuce, do it fast. I'm afraid mine's going to bolt any minute! I started seedlings in late February.

    Bangchik, I agree with you, watering plants totally helps me adjust my attitude (after work, for example). Here in Texas, however, there comes a point where I just can't keep up. The flowers are mostly native or naturalized and drought-tolerant, but the vegetables will definitely need water this summer.

  4. I have tried soaker hoses in the past and have given up on them! Mine ALWAYS leaked and I could never get them oriented in a way where I was satisfied everything was getting even coverage. Last fall I ordered a drip irrigation starter kit from the drip depot (online) and it was amazingly easy to put together (just takes a little time & patience, but it's pretty forgiving to set up and change.) I put my front flower beds (natives I'm trying to establish) on it last fall and it's been great (adding a timer to the system is helpful, too). I have since found that Home Depot is now carrying most of the same parts.

  5. PS: I am threatening to put a drip system in the veggie garden any day now. When I do, I plan to document and do a little "how-to" on my blog about it.