Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A rather wan Bloom Day

There are precisely four plants blooming in my urban Central Texas plot today, and none too profusely, I might add.

Coral honeysuckle:

"Fairy" rose:

A hybrid "Orange Sceptre" butterfly bush, which is a gangly 6 feet tall and as ugly as sin:

and a four-nerve daisy which was whipping around in the wind too fast to get a good shot. I guess some would say the Mainacht and Indigo Spires salvias are technically still blooming, but I wouldn't, thus, no photos.

Lookit, the Red Carpet sedum is living up to its name. It was bright green until the freeze hit a couple of weeks back. 4294

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, or GBBD for short. What's blooming in your garden?


  1. Wow, how gorgeous is that red carpet sedum? I love that. Must add it to my long list of plants to acquire. :)

    Happy GBBD!

  2. Love the red carpet sedum! I continue to be surprised at how hardy some of the roses around here are, too.

  3. I agree..the red carpet sedum is pretty.
    I like the flower on the butterfly bush. Just too lanky, though?
    Happy GBBD....

  4. I like the red sedum too! It wasn't very red when I bought it. I thought, "hmm, wonder why they call it Red Carpet sedum?" Now I know!

    Yes, Linda, too lanky. The flowers are fine and all sorts of wildlife are attracted to them, including hummingbirds. I guess it's my fault, really - just planted it in the wrong spot. It towers over all the other plants. I may move it in the spring.

  5. Wow I've never ever seen an orange butterfly bush before like that - wonderful. Probably too tender to grow for me.