Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February's Foliage Follow-Up

In honor of Foliage Follow-Up, I'm posting pictures of succulents (yes, again!). I've posted about two of these three pots before, and the third pot feels left out, so today is its 'day in the sun', so to speak.
Trio of succulent pot gardens

Here it is. Isn't it cute? Clockwise from the top: Watch Chain Plant (Crassula muscosa), Zebra Plant (Haworthia attenuata), unidentified sedum and a cactus that was labeled "Silver Arrows" (but doesn't look like the pictures on the Intertubes).
Succulent pot

The sedum is just a tiny bit that broke off one of my other sedums (maybe the Gold Carpet sedum?). I just stuck it in the decomposed gravel. It should root.
Sedum baby

The Zebra Plant and the Watch Chain Plant were part of a succulent trio I bought from a box store. They were miserable in whatever potting mix they were planted in. Since it's been in the decomposed granite and cactus mix, the Zebra Plant's grown and spread out. I swear it's smiling.
Succulent trio

I stuck a bunch of broken-off ghost plant 'leaves' in the pot, in hopes they too will root.
Ghost plant seedlings

Thanks to Pam Penick at Digging for hosting Foliage Follow-Up on the 16th of every month, the day after Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Words and photos © 2009-2010 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. Aren't succulents fun? Not only are they cute as a button and intriguingly shaped, they root so easily that you can always have more. Thanks for participating, Caroline.

  2. I love these container plantings!

  3. Love your zebra plants! And the blue pots make the succulents pop.

  4. Nice arrangements and I love the pots.

  5. Love those blue pots. They'd be working for me right now as the only color in the garden. I think the zebra plant is smiling too.

  6. It is definitely smiling :) I love succulents and I think they look great in containers. Also, I really like those blue pots.