Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - October 2010

Wow! I haven't posted in a month! Here's what was blooming on October 15 in my humble little garden.

First off -- if anyone can identify this mystery plant, please do! I can't recall if this is a passalong plant, or if the birds planted it. Yes, the pink and the yellow blooms are on the same plant.
Mystery plant

I'm so pleased with this 'Sapphire Showers' duranta. I saw one like it in Diana's garden (she of Sharing Nature's Garden), and knew I had to possess one for my very own. I just planted mine this spring, and it's already five feet high with oodles of blooms.
"Sapphire Showers" duranta

'Buff Beauty' rose has two glorious blooms. It's only its second year in this spot, so I'm hoping for more blooms this spring.
'Buff Beauty' Rose

'Old Blush' is finishing up its fall flush of blooms. Despite El NiƱo's rains and a relatively mild summer (very few days over 100 degrees), all the roses looked a bit peaked by summer's end. I cut them all back by a third last month, and Jack treated them all to a nice thick layer of Lady Bug Rose Magic Soil last week. I'll follow up with some liquid seaweed and perhaps some compost tea in a few weeks.
'Old Blush' rose

A close-up of the delicate 'Old Blush' blossoms.
'Old Blush' rose

'Bright Lights' cosmos is back in full force. The blooms don't ever really get going until the fall. The stems are seven feet tall and can get as thick as bamboo. It attracts lots of bees and butterflies, and provides a welcome screen for the patio.
'Bright Lights' cosmos

Finally, I'm posting this shot of a chenille plant I received as a gift, because I love the contrast of the fuzzy red blooms against the blue fall sky, and I'm so proud of it for resurrecting itself despite my neglect. It had completely died back by the end of this summer, and I was seconds away from tossing it in the compost pile when I noticed a little sprig of green. A few deep waterings and some cool fall nights brought it back from the dead.
Chenille plant

Thanks as always to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Visit her site and see what's blooming all over the world!

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  1. Howdy from Texas!
    Nice blooms all around. That first one is called a Four O'Clock. You have a variegated type that can throw yellow, pink, or mixed.
    They are also called Marvel of Peru.
    Happy GBBD
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  2. Well, thank you, David! Now I'm embarrassed to say that I do recall planting a package of four o'clocks at some point in the spring. Thanks for the ID!

  3. Lovely post! That first one is definitely Four O'Clock (Mirabilis) they always remind me of my mom, they were one plant she had to have every year in her garden...they smell wonderful at night and attract Sphinx Moths (if you have them in your area). Love the Duranta...that white edging really makes them pop! The 'Old Blush' rose is truly lovely, so very charming!

  4. Beautiful blooms! That chenille plant is super cool--glad you were able to resurrect it.

  5. Your four o'clocks look great, love that yellow and pink color combination! Just keep an eye on seedlings, I have to pull tons of them in the spring.

  6. Yes, I agree on Four O'Clocks. Love them and your chenille plant. I've always wanted to try it. And the duranta: I simply must find a spot for it. The Buff Beauty will reward you forever! It blooms like crazy. Hey, can't wait to meet you at KLRU on the 30th! Thanks for coming. We are going to have so much fun.