Friday, February 4, 2011

Requisite snow photos from Austin, Texas

As promised by local meteorologists, Central Texas received a significant amount of snowfall overnight. Temperatures were below freezing for a full 48 hours prior, so the snow actually stuck around for a while. No one in these parts knows how to drive safely in snow, so schools and government offices were closed today, and children of all ages got to stay home and enjoy a rare snow day.
Snow day in Austin

I slept in, but Jack said he was notified by our resident cardinal early this morning that the bird feeders needed attention. Mister reportedly hopped right up to our back door to get Jack's attention.
Bird footprints in snow

I hadn't realized this before today, but rain gauges apparently measure snowfall as well. Looks like we got a healthy inch.
An inch of snow in the rain gauge

Snow collected in, on and around all sorts of interesting spots in the garden, including this Gulf muhly seed head.
Snow on Gulf muhly seed head

I liked how the leaves of my baby Texas mountain laurel caught the falling snow.
Snow on Texas mountain laurel

I'm one of the lucky ones: home from work, no frozen pipes, gas heat is on, water heater's working and the lights are on, too. Some of my friends are not so lucky, so keep them in your thoughts today. I'm off to make some hot chocolate to enjoy while looking at snow photos on other Austin-area blogs.

Words and photos © 2009-2011 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. It is a lovely day isn't it?! Love your cardinal tracks. It was interesting to see the tracks on the trail this morning of the life that had traveled the path before us...mostly rabbits and birds and what looked like a small cat...Enjoy your day!

  2. So pretty! I got an unexpected day off too. The puppy saw her first snow and LOVED it. I tried to get pictures of her with snow on her snoot, but she was too fast.

    We had mysterious tracks in the front yard. Cat? Dunno.

  3. How nice of's beautiful. Love the bird tracks.

  4. Ha--a snow gauge! Now you know for sure. I stuck my finger in the snow on top of a table to measure and came up with an inch in our NW Austin garden too.

  5. Why do people always say that people here don't know how to drive in the snow and ice? Hardly any one is from here any more any way. That and I just seen on the news a 78 car wreck in Ohio and lots of other multiple car wrecks all over the east and north.

    I think it would be more appropriate to say that people around here are smart enough not to drive in the snow and ice.