Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GBBD April 2014: Here come the roses!

After two unusually strong cold snaps five weeks apart, the roses have started to bloom in Central Texas.

'Old Blush' is always one of the very first to bloom.  I post a photo almost exactly like this nearly every spring.
'Old Blush' rose

'Mutabilis' usually blooms next, each blossom changing from apricot to pink to fuchsia in a matter of days.  (Earth-kind)
'Mutabilis' rose

'Sunny Knock Out' rose is a relatively new addition to the garden.  (Earth-kind)
'Sunny Knock Out' rose

While those three are in full-on flush mode, 'Buff Beauty' is just getting started. She wants to put out long arching canes, but I don't have the space, so I've pruned her back hard into a trellis rose. She's never had more buds than this year.
'Buff Beauty' rose

Also in bloom but not pictured: poppies, bluebonnets, larkspur, cilantro, sweet peas, spiderwort, columbine, yellow daisies, 'May Night' salvia.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Visit her April GBBD page to see springtime blossoms all around the world.

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  1. Just so pretty. I love the rustic-looking shed doohicky in the background, too.
    So lovely.

  2. Love the roses! Your garden must smell amazing.

  3. They're beautiful.
    Love the Mutabilis. Like having several roses bushes, in one.

  4. Your roses are very happy in your garden! I can't say the same about mine, but still trying. I want to have them in my garden too!

  5. Those Roses look fantstic. I really love 'Sunny Knock Out'. I love the different shades of yellow all on one bush.

  6. The roses are just beautiful. In spite of our cold and colder, it's become spring! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your roses are looking gorgeous! I never can pick a fave style, but I'm enjoying my own Mutabilis multiple shades, too. Love this time in Austin...

  8. This is a very good year for roses. Yours look great! Sunny is a real knock out!

  9. Love the shots of the entire bushes! I didn't realize about the Mutabilis Rose, that the multi-colored blooms are actually blooms going through different colors over their lifespans. So cool!