Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little twigs are getting bigger

Remember the little twigs I planted in the front yard this spring? (click on the link for a reminder)

Here's what they're looking like, four months later. Despite the drought, they've all gotten a lot bigger. And once the rains and cooler weather came, they sprung back to life with new blossoms, to the delight of the bees. (Cutting them back a bit in early August helped them rebound, I think.)

Here are some of my favorites, starting with "Indigo Spires" salvia.
Indigo Spires salvia

Bee on Indigo Spires salvia

"Coral Nymph" salvia.
Coral Nymph salvia

Bee on Coral Nymph salvia

Blackfoot daisies and trailing lantana.
Blackfoot daisies & trailing lantana

Autumn sage.
Autumm sage

Blue Daze.
Blue Daze

Dahlberg daisies and sedum ("Red Carpet").
Dahlberg daisies & Red Carpet sedum

In the back yard, the zinnias are fading.

But the Bright Lights cosmos are getting ready to explode, the roses are putting on new growth, the melon plants have blossoms (poor things, they think it's spring), the horseherb is reseeding along the shady west side of the house, and there's just the barest hint of an amaryllis leaf poking through the dirt in this neglected pot.
Amaryllis sprout

This is what I would have posted on Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, if I hadn't had a previous engagement at the endodontist's office for a repeat root canal. Forgive my tardiness?


  1. Salvias are looking great so does the blue lantana. And this is the only lantana in my garden which attracts butterflies. zinnias are long gone in our climate. we are hanging over to balsams these days.

  2. That's one THE best excuses I've read for missing bloom day! Your salvias look fantastic! I seriously pruned my indigo spires and Victoria salvia mid-summer, too, and that seemed to really help them. Don't you just love purple trailing lantana and all the butterflies it attracts? Your blue daze is gorgeous, too!

  3. Ouch! You are excused!
    I love your plant choices. Such a variety of color and textures. Your bees look very happy.

  4. Lots of happy bees at your place, Caroline! The purple lantana and Blackfoot daisies are planted together in my garden, too - they seem like a good team, don't they?

    Happy GBBD

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. I took a look at your little twigs and was interested in the Whale's tongue agave. did you get it at BSN? It looks very much like the one I bought there and I don't think it is a WT. The people from whom BSN bought the seed don't think it is one either! Mine started making pups which, of course, is not right as this is a solitary agave. Your garden has really grown- of course this is Texas.

  6. Yes, Jenny, I got it at BSN. Pups? Yikes! Tell me more! I may have to move it...

  7. I am interested if you know what the Blue Daze seeds look like. I have two of the plants in my garden and want to plant seeds from them. :)

  8. I don't~sorry! Blue Daze is a cultivar, and often they don't come back true from seed (or the seeds are sterile). Best to replant, or take cuttings to propagate.

  9. Thanks for answering quickly!