Monday, May 28, 2012

I think I know where the fairies live

Carol of May Dreams Gardens has spoken of her garden fairies quite often. Sometimes, Carol's garden fairies even do guest posts on her blog. I didn't think I had any fairies in my garden. That is, until I found these, nestled underneath the santolina, next to a clump of horseherb.
Now I think I might, actually, have garden fairies lurking about. If not fairies, then pixies or elves, maybe. Or perhaps a toad that was once a prince?

Words and photos © 2009-2012 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. Oh, I agree. You most definitely have fairies!

  2. Aha! Looks like you've found some fairy Palapa Bars. Any tiny margarita glasses?

    That's a great photo.

  3. I love these little shrooms! a few popped up in my lemon tree pot. did you notice how they start out? little stubby buttons!

    I always think of my fairies as larger in scale i guess, big enough to wear these as sombreros!