2019 Denver Garden Bloggers Fling - Thursday Welcome

I attended the 2019 Garden Bloggers Fling this past June with nearly 80 garden bloggers. Someone (not me) dubbed the Fling "plant camp" and I think that's an apt description!  For three days and four nights we ate, drank, socialized, and ogled over plants and gardens, public and private.

The days were quite long and very warm, as summer days are, and we did a lot of walking outside in the heat of the day. But the rain stayed away until the very last minute, we had plenty of food and drink to sustain us, the hotel was very accommodating, and the gardens and gardeners were all fan-freaking-tastic.

Below are some highlights from the Thursday welcome gathering at The GrowHaus, a nonprofit indoor farm in north Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood. The GrowHaus's goal is to catalyze a neighborhood-based food system in the community that is healthy, equitable, and resident-driven.

When they say "indoor farm," they aren't kidding! Full sized banana, papaya and fig trees growing in containers made it feel like a tropical forest inside.

While wandering around, I came across this peg board full of photos - volunteers, I'm guessing. It takes a village!

Lots of fun, beautiful and engaging artwork adorned the facility, like MC Carrot here.

Parts of The GrowHaus are dedicated to education,

while others are used for commercial-scale food production,

and others for food distribution. This part of GrowHaus hosts an affordable market, a food pantry, and cooking and nutrition classes.

The farm utilizes permaculture concepts, hydroponics and aquaponics, and vermiculture.

There's even a mushroom farm.

Anneliese from the Cobrahead blog (and co-coordinator of the upcoming 2020 Fling in Madison, along with Beth Stetenfeld of Plant Postings) is pictured here, standing in front of a large display highlighting the mission, vision and values of The GrowHaus.

Thanks to the coordinators of the Denver Fling, Leigh Pond, April Shelhon, Judy Seaborn, Jennifer Spainhower and Laura O'Connor, for giving Fling attendees the opportunity to visit this wonderful facility.

For more information on GrowHaus, or to donate or volunteer, visit www.thegrowhaus.org/.

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