Radical transformation in progress

We're finishing the fence we started in 2016. The chain link fence and its accompanying English-ivy-choked hackberry thicket is GONE. The tree service brought in a backhoe to dig the trees out, and Jack and I are taking turns attacking the remaining English ivy vines and roots with a pickax.

Soon there will be a wood privacy fence on both the back and the side of our yard. The old shed is gone, and a new shed will go in where the herb garden currently stands. (Plants will be dug up and relocated.) When we took out the chain link fence in the back, the neighbors' fence fell over. It was propped up against the chain link, ivy vines and bird-planted hackberry saplings.

Meanwhile, everything from the old shed is taking up valuable real estate in the yard and garage. A new 6-foot gate is going in next to the house.

We're in the ugly and awkward phase of this overhaul - no where to go but up from here! The new fence will be installed this week, after a retaining wall is constructed across the slope between our lot and our neighbors'. I am thrilled that I will never have to cut back  invasive ivy vines or hackberry branches ever again! Hopefully this will cut down on hackberry seedlings popping up all over the garden.

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  1. That's a lot of work, well done to you and your husband. Know you will be happy to have a completed project.


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