Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling - Epping Garden

At the start of Day 2 of the Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling, we boarded the shuttle buses and headed off toward Christopher and Michelle Epping's award-winning garden in Newcastle, a suburb of Seattle.

The Eppings have a Mediterranean-villa style home sitting on a hilltop, landscaped with plants of the Pacific Northwest.
A Mediterranean-style villa

The home has a magnificent view of downtown Seattle, Lake Washington and the Olympic Mountains.
The view from the Epping garden

Only the lawn, brick terrace and greenbelt were in place when they purchased the home 10 years ago. Today, garden beds full of texture and color replace what was once bare clay soil.
Hilltop plantings

Glorious grouping

Although the Eppings have many flowering perennials throughout the garden, the hardscape and foliage plants steal the show.

Greek statue

Multi-column basalt fountain

Foliage, bird bath with glass ball

Shady benches and an umbrella-covered patio provided comfortable places to gather and rest.
Mr. McGregor's Daughter takes a break

Cherry laurel & cranesbill

Garden patio

Read about the transformation in this Seattle Times article, and check out more photos of the Epping garden on my Flickr page. What a lovely garden for entertaining. Many thanks to the Eppings for having us!

Next up: the Lane garden.

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  1. Wasn't this a great start to a second day of garden touring? Ah, I miss the Fling.