Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling - a detour to Pike Place Market

The last stop on Day 2 of the Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling was the Olympic Sculpture Park. However, I have no photos to show you -- no Calder Eagle, no Eye Benches, and no Neukom Vivarium. This is because I joined a group of Austin garden bloggers in taking a six-block detour to Pike Place Market.
Pike Place Market

Diana from Sharing Nature's Garden leads the pack as we make our way through the crowds at the outdoor stalls.
Diana braves the outdoor market stands

Inside, the market is just as crowded. Pike Place Market is huge, and offers something for everyone: art, clothing, food, crafts, jewelry, gifts and restaurants. You can do your banking, get your shoes shined, get your nails done and your hair styled, too.
Loback Meat Co.

Jenny from Rock Rose seems momentarily tempted by the wares of Moon Valley Bee and Botanical.
Jenny visits Moon Valley Bees & Botanicals

There were oodles of flower stands,
Flower stand

Bountiful Seattle bouquet

produce stands,
Fruit samples

Vegetable stand

and fishmongers.
City Fish

No visit to Pike Place Market is complete without visiting the world-famous Pike Place Fish Co.
Pike Place Fish Co.

Men tossing fresh seafood around never fail to draw a crowd. I believe this is Ryan Yokoyama catching Dungeness crabs being fired at him in rapid succession; I picked him out of the roster at the company's website.
Crab tossin' at the Pike Place Fish Co.

The market was lots of fun -- definitely a must-see!
Pike Place crowd

A lovely dinner at the Pink Door restaurant with gardening friends, new and old, ended the day. Such fun! And with this post, I'm halfway through my Seattle Fling tales. Two more days to go!

Words and photos © 2009-2011 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.


  1. I love seeing photos of places in other cities, I"m such an armchair traveler! It looks like you had fun and enjoyed some cooler weather.

  2. Great photos, Caroline! I am posting a few pics from this day on Sunday morning. Look for a picture of an excited YOU.

  3. I was transported back again to that wonderful market. Such color. Thanks Caroline.

  4. Darla, it was really fascinating. The closest I've seen to Pike Place Market would be Faneuil Hall in Boston.

    Roberta, it was a blast, and the weather couldn't have been better.

    Pam, I'm sorry I didn't get any good photos of you or Vicki! I'm so glad the two of you were there. I blame pre-dinner fatigue.