Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling - Farley Garden

The third stop on the third day of the Seattle Garden Bloggers' Fling was the garden of landscape designer Kate Farley.

In front of the home was a large shade garden within large hedges and shrubs that hid the front of the house. I loved this planting underneath a paperbark maple,
Paperbark maple and shade-loving plants

and this bed with varying shades of green, purple and white.
Purple, green and white

Dozens of flowering and foliage plants in pots, ranging from from bonsai to full-size trees, lined the path along the side of the house.
Pots, pots and more pots

Potted plants near an entrance to the home

A sun-drenched deck sits just off the back of the house.
Sun-drenched deck

A gorgeous purple clematis climbs up a nearby pergola,

and sweet tiny petunias in just the right shade of peach adorn a small planter box.

The deck overlooks a huge bed full of alstromeria, phlox, delphiniums, and poppies, backed by shrubs and evergreens in every shade of green from chartreuse to kelly to pine, and anchored with two tuteurs, one in bright magenta, the other a vibrant purple.
Backyard garden

Kate's use of color and texture in this bed is masterful and eye-catching.
Back yard garden

In the center of the back yard is a tree house,
Tree house

and a garden house chock-full of all manner of interesting things, including an old wood-burning stove. (Pictured is Cindy of From My Corner of Katy.)
Cindy in the garden 'shed'

Between the garden house and treehouse is this sculpture which lends an Asian feel to the area.
Garden sculpture

Last but not least is this large, deep water feature. The "tree trunks" are actually concrete sculptures. Shelly from :29 Minute Gardener stands nearby to give a sense of scale.
Shelly near the water feature

Thanks to Kate for sharing her awesome garden with us! But wait -- there's more Fling fun to come.

Words and photos © 2009-2011 Caroline Homer for "The Shovel-Ready Garden". Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

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  1. One detail I hadn't noticed, but caught by your camera, is the wide "woven" skirting on the deck. I love that.